Sharks have inhabited this planet for over 400 million years and belong to the oldest species known to man. As apex predators, sharks are at the top of the food chain and therefore indispensable for balancing the marine ecosystem.

When sharks are mentioned, many people see them as a threat because of stereotypical shark tales they have heard before, where sharks are described as man-eating monsters of the sea.
At Dive Mike we have a distinct opinion about sharks, and invite you to join us on 2 amazing tours, where you can encounter Bull Sharks or Whale Sharks, two shark species that couldn't be more different from each other.

This dive shop is a total class act!

They protect the reef and wildlife, and the divers safety is top priority. The bull shark experience was amazing. I’ve dove with the sharks 2 times prior but Dive Mike was by far the best experience.

Emmi - Canada
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We had previously used Dive Mike on our honeymoon for the Whale Shark excursion and wanted to use them again. We didn't think our honeymoon excursion would be able to be topped… we were wrong. We saw 20-30 whale sharks and at least that same number in manta rays. Overall, great trip and unforgettable experience. Highly recommend this operation.

Zach - USA
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Amazing Bull Shark Encounter

I was impressed with how the staff really has a passion for sharks and educating people about them. I’ve done shark dives in several other places, and never had a company take the time to explain everything about the sharks and the dive like Dive Mike did. I highly recommend diving with them!

Jessica - world traveler
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