Dive into the Mayan underground

Formed over the last 40 million years, the Yucatan Peninsula is home to some of the world’s longest underground river and cave systems, to which the Cenotes are the entrance. It’s difficult to know how many Cenotes there exactly are in the Mexican jungle, but it’s estimated that there are over 7000, from which over 2200 Cenotes have actually been registered.

The name Cenote is derived from the word Dz'onot, which means 'cavern with water' in the Mayan language. As the only source of freshwater in the jungle, the Cenotes were sacred to the Mayans, representing the passageway between life and death, the passageway to the underworld they call Xibalba.

Along the Riviera Maya, close to Playa del Carmen and Tulum is the Sistema Sac Actun, the world’s longest underground cave measuring 350 kilometers / 217 miles and home to over roughly 225 Cenotes. In this area and beyond, you can find a great variety of flooded caves and caverns accessible to recreational diving, turning the Cenotes into a unique diving experience. These freshwater dive sites are located in the nearby jungle and offer endless tunnels and passages with countless stalagmites, stalactites, fossils and other interesting geological formations. The otherworldly landscapes, the gorgeously light flooded caverns, and the laser beam like effects make these dives into an unforgettable underwater experience.

I had an incredible experience

The experience of diving in cenotes is something unique and difficult to put into words. You can see fossils, the geological eras on the walls, stalactites, stalagmites, formations of all kinds, and the play of lights that is something magical... This goes far beyond diving: it's history, it's geology, it's pure magic. Thanks to the Dive Mikes team for the incredible experience. Can't wait to come back and dive more Cenotes!!!!

Dachu - Argentina
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Excellent Cenote dives

My wife and I where looking for a dive shop, which would be better for more experienced divers. We dove with Dive Mike for two days in the Cenotes. Jorge and Candy were a pleasure to dive with! What a nice family! Next time we are in Playa del Carmen, I know who we will be diving with.

Trey - USA
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Highly recommended!

Everyone at the shop is so nice and helpful. Alex was our guide for the Chikin Ha Cenote dive and he was excellent! We had a great time and will be booking with Dive Mike on our next visit.

Pamela - USA
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