It's Bull shark Season!

Between mid-November and the end of February, female Bull Sharks, many of them pregnant, arrive to the reefs in front of Playa del Carmen. These sharks return close to the shoreline to give birth in the fresh water systems along the coast of the Riviera Maya, where the young sharks can grow up free from predators before they return to the ocean.

Their annual presence gives us the opportunity to take you on an astonishing dive to meet up close with these majestic ladies. All you need to do is join us and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

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Wild sharks, wild weather, wild experience

The greatest dive of my life. Once we were under the water, the experience was truly remarkable. Twelve bull sharks circled as the divers laid on the bottom. It was safe and comfortable.
Dive Mike cares about not just your experience, but the well-being of the sharks. This foundation of respect makes the operation one of the greatest I have seen.

Chris - Canada
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One of the best experiences in our life! And everything thanx to Dive Mike and their staff. We decided to do the “Bullshark experience” with them. They opened a group just for the 2 of us. You couldn’t ask for a more personalized experience. We couldn’t ask for more! Thanx for making this possible!

Pepo & Laura - Spain
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Amazing Bull Shark Encounter

I was impressed with how the staff really has a passion for sharks and educating people about them. I’ve done shark dives in several other places, and never had a company take the time to explain everything about the sharks and the dive like Dive Mike did. I highly recommend diving with them!

Jessica - world traveler
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This dive shop is a total class act!

They protect the reef and wildlife, and the divers safety is top priority. The bull shark experience was amazing. I’ve dove with the sharks 2 times prior but Dive Mike was by far the best experience.

Emmi - Canada
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