Whale Sharks are considered the world's largest fish, where the biggest can grow up to 15 meters / 50 feet long and weigh up to 13 tons. Their incredible size and unique beauty make them one of the ocean's most breathtaking spectacles.
Whale Sharks are filter feeders. In summer they come to an area near the islands of Contoy and Holbox to feed from the abundant plankton that formed in the ocean due to the warmer water temperatures.

This annual occurrence gives us the opportunity to snorkel with these gentle giants from mid May until mid September. Join us on our Whale Shark tour and live one of the most incredible experiences of your life!

Incredible experience!

We went swimming with the whale sharks and it was amazing! Super great service, experience and attention! The equipment they provide you with is top quality! HIGHLY recommended!

Ale - Spain
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We had previously used Dive Mike on our honeymoon for the Whale Shark excursion and wanted to use them again. We didn't think our honeymoon excursion would be able to be topped... we were wrong. We saw 20-30 whale sharks and at least that same number in manta rays. Overall, great trip and unforgettable experience. Highly recommend this operation.

Zach - USA
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It was a wonderful experience

It was beautiful to enjoy the ocean this way. We saw the reef and lots of fishes, the service is super personalized and the guide was very kind. My family and I felt very safe. Thank you Dive Mike!

Nadia - Mexico City
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